Directional Thinking was set-up in 2004 following the dot com boom of the late 1990’s and bust of the early 2000’s. Many companies failed in the early 2000’s because their strategies focussed too narrowly on short-term profitability and as a result many changed those strategies to focus on medium to long-term objectives, resulting in stronger balance sheets and improving shareholder value. With the current improving economic outlook, these strategies are again coming to the fore.

Since 2004, Directional Thinking has been engaged by start-up, early stage and mature businesses alike to help them shape strategy and meet the evolving commercial, operational and financial challenges they face. Business development, sound financial management, growth via organic or M&A activities, or the refinement of existing strategy, Directional Thinking has demonstrable expertise in all of these areas.

The skills needed to develop a defined strategy are typically not resident in any one particular business discipline. If you set an objective to enter a new market for example, does that mean you only require a marketing plan? Or in addition do you need a commercial plan of what resources will be deployed to promote products and services, an operational plan to define how the new market will be serviced and a financial plan to cost the enterprise?

Directional Thinking would advocate the latter, and there’s the challenge. Does your business have the necessary strength in depth across all of these disciplines or indeed the spare capacity readily available? If not, then you may fail to maximise the opportunity presented to you.

Directional Thinking as an organisation has a wealth of experience in every aspect of running successful enterprises, large, medium and small. Through our experience in managing our own businesses, managing investments on behalf of investors or running specific projects with defined objectives for shareholders, we have been exposed to most if not all of the challenges that one faces when running and growing a business.

This expertise and experience is at your disposal.