There is a common misconception that increasing revenues automatically results in a stronger balance sheet and higher shareholder value. In fact, the exact opposite can also be true. Chasing growth can be the right strategy in certain circumstances. It is however a strategy that takes very careful planning and comes with a number of risks that need to be managed. For example, many new businesses fail due to over trading; they effectively run out of cash.

Different businesses, in different stages of their lifecycle require a different mix of strategies in order to meet the objectives of shareholders and stakeholders. Differentiating your products and services from your competition is critical. Price is often a key differentiator, but really successful businesses develop propositions that deliver maximum value to the customer and are sold at a premium. In reality, an organisation will need to combine a mixture of commercial propositions, strategies and customer outcomes to maximise their market opportunities.

The trick is to understand what mix of strategies will deliver the objectives for your business.

The following are some of the structured programs we have delivered in the past;

  Strategy & Planning

Agree where your business is, where it wants to go and how to get there. Communication is critical to ensure successful execution

  Competitive Benchmarking

Knowing how to beat your competitors is as important as striving to be the best you can be at what it is you do

  Process Improvement

ROI on marketing and sales spend needs to be optimised. Lead to closure ratios must be understood and they can be improved

  Mergers & Acquisitions

Organic growth is the route most choose for growth. However in a market share foot race, M&A strategies could play a critical role

  Investment & Funding

Start-ups and growing businesses often benefit from external funding. Do you need it and if you do, which vehicle is best for your business?

  Interim Directors

Commercial expertise when you need it and for the amount of time it is required. Cost effective and scalable as demand increases

  Commercial Due Diligence

If you are buying, selling or investing, you need a commercial view on the target company, not purely a financial one

  Recovery & Restructure

Most if not all businesses can flourish given the right strategy and leadership, all one has to do is find the right formula for success

  Incentive Schemes

Businesses succeed when shareholder and employee objectives are all aligned, incentive schemes are critically important