The big buzzword in business at the moment is growth; everyone from your accountant to the government to a standalone consultant is providing ‘growth services’. But pure revenue growth does not necessarily equate to higher profits or increased shareholder value!

Growth as a measure is fine. However, the focus on shareholder value as the governing principle for business success demands improvement across every aspect of the business, not just in sales.  Maximising shareholder value is not a single event, it is an ongoing process driven by strategic and operational development of all of your companies resources.

When you are involved in the daily management of your business, it is difficult to step back and look at strategic direction and development. Setting ambitious, shareholder value based goals forces everyone within an organisation to search for creative solutions to existing challenges and to rethink how things have been done.

Constant momentum is critical, and the driving force of this momentum is usually a small number of people within an SME business. A fresh pair of eyes with none of the preconceptions often evident within your own team can deliver enormous business benefit. Questions asked by an outsider can often spark interesting discussions with surprising outcomes.

Pure revenue growth can and does increase shareholder value, but is top line growth the only metric you should be planning your strategy around? Business objectives vary, business strategies to deliver those objectives are diverse and at Directional Thinking, we have the expertise for you to utilise as and when you need it to deliver your vision.